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Reports and Submittals

Planning and Space Management provides a monthly report and several annual submittals. The Gross Square Footage (GSF) Report is produced monthly and is used in-house for various operations whereas the annual submittals are required by the Florida Board of Governors.

GSF Report

The following reports reflect the monthly activities (as of the last day of the month indicated) from July to June:

 JULY      AUG      SEPT      OCT      NOV      DEC      JAN       FEB       MAR      APR      MAY      JUNE    

This is the final report for the past fiscal year JUNE 2020.

Past fiscal years reports (JULY to JUNE):

2019-2020   2018-2019   2017-2018   2016-2017  
2015-2016   2014-2015   2013-2014   2012-2013  
2011-2012   2010-2011   2009-2010   2008-2009  
2007-2008   2006-2007   2005-2006   2004-2005  
2003-2004   2002-2003   2001-2002   2000-2001  
1999-2000   1998-1999   1997-1998

Annual Submittals

Most of the information this office must submit annually is an indication of the future plans of the University regarding the Physical Plant. The one exception is the Physical Facilites Space File. This File is a snapshot of where the University is on June 30, the end of the fiscal year. The annual submittals that this office is responsible for are the:

 -  Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) which contains the Public Education Capital Outlay (PECO) Project List
 -  Physical Facilities Space File
 -  Legislative Budget Request (LBR) for Plant Operations & Maintenance (PO&M)

For more information about annual submittals, please contact us.