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Campus Maps

The Facilities department is responsible for maintaining the official 'Administrative' maps of campus. These maps reflect the official 4-digit building numbering system used by all universities in the State University System (SUS). To assist students, faculty, and visitors, we now provide an 'Academic' version of the map which uses the 3-digit building abbreviation as an identifier. We also maintain a complete list of all of our buildings, at all of our locations, sorted by number, name, site, and abbreviation. This Excel workbook can be found on our web page Building / Site Lists.

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Main Campus

Southwest Campus

Panama City Campus

All maps can be produced in a variety of different styles - with or without parking, with or without color, with or without borders, gray scale, monochrome, etc. If you need a particular style, please contact us and we will be happy to work with you to produce the layout that will best satisfy your needs.

This campus map and map data are derived from various sources and are provided as is from such sources. As such, the data, information and map are dynamic and in a constant state of maintenance, correction and update. Florida State University (University) developed this map for illustrative purposes only and does not accept any responsibility for any errors, omissions or positional accuracy. The University does not warrant the map or its features are either spatially or temporally accurate or fit for a particular use. The campus map is not a legal description and is not to be used for surveying purposes or utility location, nor is it an authoritative source of information about legal land ownership or public access, or for any other purpose.

Parking information is provided by Transportation and Parking Services. During the year parking rules and traffic routing may differ from what is depicted on the campus map, such as for sporting and other special events. The information depicted is accurate at the time of this map’s publication and the information is subject to change. If you have any questions about parking on campus please contact Transportation and Parking Services at transporation@fsu.edu or call 850/644-5278.