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Central Utilities & Engineering Services

Mission Statement

The mission of the Utilities and Engineering Services Group is to provide utility services to support the entire University Community. These services include steam, chilled water, electricity, domestic water, sanitary sewer, and natural gas. In addition, we also lead campus energy reduction initiatives.

Making an Impact

As a part of this mission, we provide continuous monitoring of environmental conditions vital to the instructional, research, and support functions of the University. Over the past several years, despite the addition of several large science buildings, the campus has been able to reduce its EUI (energy use intensity as measured in kBtu/sqft). At the same time, the energy conservation upgrades have not negatively impacted the faculty, staff, and students that use the buildings.

The Central Utilities and Engineering Services Group is committed to making the Florida State University more sustainable through energy conservation. Armed with the fact that energy conservation is the quickest and most reliable path to improving sustainability, our team has an aggressive and effective energy conservation program. Regardless of the utility type, our goal is to eliminate unnecessary usage wherever possible and to improve energy efficiency for systems in operation. The efforts complement the University's reputation of outstanding leadership in many areas of academics and research.