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Utilities & The Environment


Everyone has a responsibility when it comes to the environment. The Utilities & Engineering Services group takes extraordinary measures to ensure that we are protecting the environment with our everyday activities.

What Types of Environmental Activities Are In Place

In a large university such as Florida State, we have a great responsibility to insure that we minimize any impact on the environment. For example, we use natural gas to produce steam for building heating as opposed to fuels with higher greenhouse gas emission factors. We work to minimize the use of steam, chilled water, electricity, and domestic water via our conservation efforts.

We carefully track fuel usage to prepare accurate reports for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. We have a variety of policies and procedures in place to prevent the contamination of water or air associated with our activites on campus. We are responsible for air, well water, stormwater, and greenhouse gas permitting and/or reporting.

These are only a few of the ways that the Utilities & Engineering Services group is working at Florida State University for the environmental benefit of the entire campus.