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Capital Project Development Program

As with most higher education universities, there is a backlog of deferred renewal projects. APPA defines deferred maintenance as the “total dollar amount of existing maintenance repairs and required replacements (capital renewal) that were not accomplished when they should have been, not funded in the current fiscal year, or otherwise deferred. Florida State University has strived to keep systems operational despite the challenges. One of the tools that assists maximizing the impact of limited capital in Utilities, Maintenance, & Engineering at the University is our Capital Project Development Program.

The Capital Project Development Program provides a system to advance the best projects, cancel or defer the less attractive projects, and improve effectiveness of campus resources involve in design and development of projects.

The process involves 5 bases stages:

  • Ideation
  • Scoping
  • Feasibility / Detailed Programming
  • Design
  • Construction / Commissioning

Each stage has specific requirements to proceed to the next stage. Various versions of a stage gate process have been used in business and industry for many years. The process used within Utilities, Maintenance, and Engineering at Florida State University is optimized for the specific needs of our organization.

For the full program details please download the program guide here.