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Advertised Projects

(proposal requirements, selection schedules, short list results, selection results, etc.)

College of Business, Legacy Hall, FS-206 (CONSTRUCTION MANAGER)

STEAM Classroom Building and Auditorium, FS-268 (ARCHITECT/ENGINEER)

Chieftan Way Realignment/Utilities and Infrastructure Improvements, FS-265 (DESIGN/BUILD)

College of Business, Legacy Hall, FS-206 (ARCHITECT/ENGINEER)

Hoffman Teaching Labs Renovations, FS-264 (DESIGN/BUILD)

Student Union Replacement, FS-263 (CONSTRUCTION MANAGER)

Campus Dining and Kitchen Renovations, FS-274 (DESIGN/BUILD)

Renovations to the Technology Services Building (TSB), FS-240 (DESIGN/BUILD)

Student Union Replacement, FS-263 (ARCHITECT/ENGINEER)

Institute for Global Entrepreneurship (111 S Monroe St.), FS-232 (DESIGN/BUILD)