Florida State University Seal



University Property Summary

State Lands and Long Term Lease Lands
Assigned to the Florida State University
Descriptive Title Location Acres Ownership
Main Campus Tallahassee 395.15 State
Other Tallahassee Properties      
Cascades Tallahassee 79.40 State
Elberta Crate Tallahassee 31.04 State
Lakes Tallahassee 8.70 State
Lipona Road Property Tallahassee 21.20 State
Magnet Laboratory Tallahassee 23.44 State
Mission Road Research Station Tallahassee 13.65 State
Plant Street Warehouse Tallahassee 1.00 State
Reservation Tallahassee 60.00 State
Rodrigue Property Tallahassee 37.70 State
Southwest Campus Tallahassee 669.86 State
Florida High/Southwood Tallahassee 50.40 State
  Subtotal  996.39  
Other State Properties      
Biological Research Station Alligator Point 23.50 State
Panama City Campus Panama City 28.00 State
Ringling Center for Arts Sarasota 55.00 State
Marine Laboratory Turkey Point 78.00 State
  Subtotal  184.50  
Other Properties      
WFSU Transmitter Site Bloxham 8.00 Permit
Appleton Museum Ocala 27.88 Lease
WFSG Transmitter Site West Bay 8.00 Lease
  Subtotal  43.88  
  Total Owned by State 1,576.04  
  Total on Long Term Lease 35.88  
  Total Other 8.00  
  Grand Total 1,619.92