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Planning & Space Management

This area of Planning and Space Management is responsible for:

  • The administration and maintenance of archival material relevant to Facilities.
  • The distribution of official Campus Maps.
  • The dispersal of information related to Facilities and FSU property including but not limited to key plans (floor plans), as-built documents, aerial photographs, deeds, leases and agreements.
  • The digitization of archival material and regulation of related electronic material.

The following is available for download by request:

  • Key Plans (Floor Plans)
  • As-Built Documents
  • Major Project Documents
  • Minor Project Documents
  • AutoCAD Drawings

To have access to these files, please contact Ricah Marquez at (850)644-0405 or email rmarquez@fsu.edu. The Archive is currently transitioning from one file-sharing system to another. We are now using DropBox as our file-sharing system. Once you have submitted your file request, a DropBox link to the file(s) will be sent to you. For users of the old system, DocumenTree, access will continue until October 2016. If you have questions about this transition, contact Ms. Marquez.