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Job Order Contracting (JOC) Program

The Facilities Maintenance team manages the campus Job Order Contracting Program. We have a portfolio of general contractors and specialty trade contractors that can perform a variety of campus projects ranging from the installation of a single electrical outlet through larger renovations. The pricing is determined by the definition of a project scope which is divided into specific tasks. These tasks are identified in a task book prepared by the Gordian company and based on Means construction cost data. Each of the contractors in the program have provided a bid adjustment factor that is multiplied by the base number in the Means price book. The final price is inclusive of all the contractor’s cost (direct, indirect, profit).

With this contracting method, each project has a line by line description of the tasks in the scope that is individually priced. If you add tasks, the cost increases. If you reduce tasks, the price decreases. It is an open and transparent process that will allow greater visibility into the total cost of a project.

As Job Order Contracting is only a procurement method for construction services, it is used both by the Facilities Maintenance team as well as by Facilities Design & Construction.

Facilities Maintenance & In House Construction will execute projects that fall under the following general categories:

  • Most projects not requiring a permit.
  • Most projects not requiring a design such as painting and carpeting an office.
  • Work for basic maintenance tasks such as changing a heat exchanger or fan coil unit.
  • Some work that requires a permit. Case by case.
  • Some work that requires a basic design. Case by case.

Basically, the category generally is for projects where we have not historically used a project manager. We will closely coordinate with Facilities Design & Construction to determine which group is the best resource to manage your project.

Facilities Maintenance will no longer provide multiple quotes for the departments as this type of work will pass through the JOC Program.

The program will officially launch on January 1, 2020, but some projects will be executed via a pilot program in early November to work out details related to the accounting, onboarding of contractors, and division of tasks between Facilities Design & Construction and Facilities Maintenance. In addition, the official JOC Program Guidelines will also be developed this fall. The Program Guidelines will explain how the JOC program works and better define what is a good JOC project as well as expectations.