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Funding Categories

Florida State University Facilities provides various maintenance and operational services to departments, affiliated units, and campus partners. The funding sources available for service varies based on the space designation and use. The below categories outline common examples of funding sources for common major categories.

  • add_circle_outlineEducation & General (E&G) Space

    The State of Florida provides Plant Operation and Maintenance (PO&M) funding for university facilities that are categorized as containing Educational and General (E&G) space. This is used to cover basic maintenance and operations of infrastructure and systems. The below lists are not intended to be exhaustive, but to be used as a funding guide.

    Facilities Funded Costs in an E&G Building

    • - Maintenance of Common Areas external to suites such as hallways and building entrance areas.
    • - Flags in FSU Program
    • - Maintenance of Water Fountains
    • - Maintenance of Sink and Faucets
    • - Building Structures and envelope (doors, windows, roof, exterior walls, etc)
    • - Heating, ventilation & air conditioning systems
    • - Plumbing and mechanical systems
    • - University standard Lighting and electrical systems
    • - Campus restroom
    • - Building control systems
    • - Basic custodial services. (See Special Request form for event services requests).
    • - Basic grounds maintenance
    • - Maintenance and replacement of basic door hardware due to malfunctions
    • - Pest Control
    • - Emergency egress lighting with power source
    • - As needed pressure washing as determined by the Facilities External Building Inspection Program.

    Customer Funded Activity in E&G Buildings

    • - Burglar Alarms
    • - Re-keying entire office suites due to lost keys or staffing changes
    • - Assembling & Moving Furniture
    • - Installation of wall board and pictures
    • - Installation of television and projectors
    • - Paint & Carpet replacement in non-common areas
    • - Building modifications, including drop lines for outlets and data ports
    • - Replacement of sinks and faucets in areas other than restrooms
    • - Room Humidifiers & temporary air conditioning
    • - Hydration Station Requests
    • - Maintenance of hot water heaters (Water Heaters require approval)
    • - Closed Circuit and security systems
    • - Department equipment including kitchens, showers, and specialty equipment
    • - Back-up power generators not used for life safety
    • - Uninterruptible power supplies
    • - Any non-FSU owned equipment
    • - Cold Room and Dry Room
    • - Process Chillers & Associated Loops
    • - Repair and replacement of clocks
    • - Department requested pressure washing
    • - Repair or correction of unauthorized department modification of building
    • - Server Rooms including maintenance of HVAC system and other support systems.
    • - Additional external building cleaning in excess of cleanings provided under the Facilities External Building Inspection Program.
  • add_circle_outlineAuxiliary Space

    Auxiliary spaces do not receive operational funding from the State of Florida. Therefore, occupants are required to fund all Facilities requested services within these spaces. Additionally, certain building systems receive quarterly and/or annual maintenance that will be billed to auxiliary space occupants.

    Examples of routine expenses are:

    • - Preventative Maintenance on Building Systems, such as HVAC units
    • - Roof Repairs
    • - Electrical and Plumbing maintenance
  • add_circle_outlineResearch Space

    Research buildings have their own unique challenges in that they are equipped with a variety of complex systems designed to protect faculty, staff, and students. In addition, there are several specialized systems that support the research effort. Some of the systems are funded by the department, while others are funded by PO&M. Listed below is a table that identifies the responsible party:

    Facilities Funded Services

    Distributed Systems

    • - Compressed air systems including filters, flow monitors & dessicants (includes oil-free very dry systems)
    • - Vacuum systems including distribution up to valves
    • - High purity water (deinonized) systems including distribution up to valves
    • - Natural gas distribution systems
    • - Well water systems & conditioning

    Emergency Services

    • - Maintenance, testing, and replacement of existing generators
    • - Maintenance, testing, and replacement of back up boilers

    Cold, Warm and Constant Temperature Rooms

    • - Lighting, water and power


    • - Provision of water/steam

    Central Glassware Washers

    • - Provision of water/power

    Fume Hoods & Snorkles

    • - Air handler and valve control
    • - Power, lights, compressed air, other gases, water and vacuum

    Safety Equipment

    • - Eyewash, showers
    • - Emergency exhaust

    Humidity Control

    • - Central humidification systems that are a part of the building HVAC system
    • - Local humidification systems that are designed as part of an approved laboratory upgrade

    Customer Funded Services

    Distributed Systems

    • - Process cooling or heating water systems
    • - Correction of exhaust or other building system created by department modification
    • - Storage tanks, distribition piping and manifold systems for cryogens and gases

    Cold, Warm and Constant Temperature Rooms

    • - Maintenance and repair of self-generating steam units
    • - Mechanical and electronic functioning of unit
    • - Replacement of autoclave units
    • - Compressors, heaters, air handlers and controls

    Central Glassware Washers

    • - Replacement of units

    Fume Hoods & Snorkles

    • - Biofilters on BSL 3 hoods
    • - External components such as sash as well as replacement of entire units
    • - Filters on biosafety cabinets

    Safety Equipment

    • - Chemical storage vaults/flammable chemical cabinets & venting & plumbing

    Emergency Services

    • - Upgrade of existing capacity
    • - Addition of new emergency circuit without upgrade of existing capacity

    Dry Rooms and Clean Rooms

    • - Preventative maintenance including HEPA filter replacement and monitoring of operation


    • - Special wiring for installation and accommadation of new, specialized instruments/equipment
    • - Maintenance & repair of overhead cranes
    • - Correction of any system that must be re-designed, upgraded, or otherwise modified as the result of a department driven project that did not pass through the formal design process. Examples include modified ducts, department installed fume hoods / snorkles, or added heat load due to new equipment, or unapproved roof penetrations

    Shared Expenses Between Customer & Facilities (Split is determined for each event)


    • - Damage to autoclave caused by water/steam

    EH&S Provided Services

    Safety Equipment

    • - Extinguishers