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Roof Maintenance

Our Facilities Maintenance goal is to prevent all roof leaks. When a leak occurs, we want to promptly repair and seek a long term solution to prevent reoccurrence.

The Roof Maintenance Program in intended to guide Facilities Maintenance units regarding roof repair and maintenance. Appropriate roof maintenance can extend the life of a roofing system. Given the complexity of systems, limited on-site technical resources, and roof access challenges, there are often many partners involved in the process.

In addition, proper maintenance can impact the ability of the University to file warranty claims against the installer and/or manufacturer.

The program is only intended to repair, restore and maintain roofs, not correct design or construction defects. When a defect is identified, all efforts will be made to include it in the repair scope.

When restoration of the roof system is an option that will extend the system warranty, it will take priority over other non-warrantied repair or replacement processes when the cost is lower.

All roofs have an end of life. When a roof needs a complete replacement, Facilities Construction will execute the project. Full roof replacement is outside the scope of the roof maintenance program.

For the full program details please download the program guide here.