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Funding Categories

The Facilities Maintenance team completes essential campus repairs and assists in the development and execution of projects. From a funding standpoint, equipment repair uses either PO&M funds for E&G space or department funds for spaces not covered by PO&M. Project funding is provided via the University capital program or department funding.

Research Buildings

Research buildings have their own unique challenges in that they are equipped with a variety of complex systems designed to protect faculty, staff, and students. In addition, there are a number of specialized systems that support the research effort. Some of the systems are funded by the department, while others are funded by PO&M. Listed below is a table that identifies the responsible party:

PO&M Funded Services

Distributed Systems

  • Compressed air systems including filters, flow monitors & dessicants (includes oil-free very dry systems)
  • Vacuum systems including distribution up to valves
  • High purity water (deinonized) systems including distribution up to valves
  • Natural gas distribution systems
  • Well water systems & conditioning
  • Emergency Services

  • Maintenance, testing, and replacement of existing generators
  • Maintenance, testing, and replacement of back up boilers
  • Cold, Warm and Constant Temperature Rooms

  • Lighting, water and power
  • Autoclaves

  • Provision of water/steam
  • Central Glassware Washers

  • Provision of water/power
  • Fume Hoods & Snorkles

  • Air handler and valve control
  • Power, lights, compressed air, other gases, water and vacuum
  • Safety Equipment

  • Eyewash, showers
  • Emergency exhaust
  • Humidity Control

  • Central humidification systems that are a part of the building HVAC system
  • Local humidification systems that are designed as part of an approved laboratory upgrade

  • Department Funded Services

    Distributed Systems

  • Process cooling or heating water systems
  • Storage tanks, distribition piping and manifold systems for cryogens and gases
  • Cold, Warm and Constant Temperature Rooms

  • Maintenance and repair of self-generating steam units
  • Mechanical and electronic functioning of unit
  • Replacement of autoclave units
  • Compressors, heaters, air handlers and controls
  • Central Glassware Washers

  • Replacement of units
  • Fume Hoods & Snorkles

  • Biofilters on BSL 3 hoods
  • External components such as sash as well as replacement of entire units
  • Filters on biosafety cabinets
  • Safety Equipment

  • Chemical storage vaults/flammable chemical cabinets & venting & plumbing
  • Emergency Services

  • Upgrade of existing capacity
  • Addition of new emergency circuit without upgrade of existing capacity
  • Dry Rooms and Clean Rooms

  • Preventative maintenance including HEPA filter replacement and monitoring of operation
  • Miscellaneous

  • Special wiring for installation and accommadation of new, specialized instruments/equipment
  • Maintenance & repair of overhead cranes
  • Correction of any system that must be re-designed, upgraded, or otherwise modified as the result of a department driven project that did not pass through the formal design process. Examples include modified ducts, department installed fume hoods / snorkles, or added heat load due to new equipment, or unapproved roof penetrations

  • Shared Expenses Between Department & PO&M (Split determined on case by case basis)


  • Damage to autoclave caused by water/steam

  • EH&S Provided Services

    Safety Equipment

  • Extinguishers