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Facilities Maintenance provides world class maintenance, repair and construction services to the Florida State University community.

Maintenance, repair, and renewal are required to provide the best possible environment to support communities of learning and facilitate the ability of the University to carrying out its mission of education, scholarship and public service.

Facilities Operation and Maintenance are responsible for the following:

  • The care, safety, and security of physical assets at Florida State University.
  • The condition of buildings and building systems.
  • Providing a suitable internal environment.
  • Cost effective operation of building systems.

Work Orders / Service Requests

The maintenance team uses work orders for general repairs. To create a work order, please go to the Service Request page. You can also call the Service Center to place a service request at 850-644-2424 from 8AM to 4:30PM, Monday through Friday. Estimates are not given for work orders and the billing is hourly.

Estimate Requests

If you need an estimate for work or a project, please use the Estimate Request form. This feature is commonly used for departmental painting projects, carpet replacement, or even renovations.