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Insurance for Lease Space


For The Division of Risk Management to provide coverage the lease must be framed in a manner required by the Division, i.e. the lease must be reviewed and approved by the Division of Risk Manager prior to being executed or it may not be accepted. Here, I am talking only about leases that have insurance requirements.

The Division of Risk Management wants a separate lease for each building.

Also when insurance requirements are being made, each line of insurance coverage should be listed separately in that section as opposed to lumping all the coverage together. If you don't, it confuses the issue when clarity is needed.

Finally we cannot indemnify by Florida Statute or list other parties as additional insured's so don't ask for it or have a section titled with that kind of language.


Since many of you may not know, the University insures its contents by building. If you have contents in other buildings, such as in leased space, you may have contents uninsured if you think you are covering the contents under your main department. You also may not know that University policy indicates the following:

If a department leases property, it is the department's responsibility to notify the Coordinator of Insurance and Risk to add contents housed in the leased space to the to the insurance schedule.

To add the contents housed in leased property, it is necessary to provide the Coordinator of Insurance and Risk certain information. For your convenience, I am providing the following attachments to assist you. You will find that you will not have all the information requested. For example, you probably will not have the policy number or building number and I will provide that. You will find that you may not know the information regarding the exterior structure and or roof materials. In most cases the lessor will have to provide that information.

Finally, please note, for insurance purposes I do not need an itemized list of your contents, just a gross figure. I also add 25% to your figure to cover items that are under $ 1,000. Information is needed ASAP and thanks for your help.

If you have a question, please contact LeAnne Hotchkiss at 644-7683.

Florida Fire Insurance Trust Fund Coverage Request Form (Word format)