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Mable Ringling Memorial Fountain

Recently, the MCS took a job from the John and Mable Ringling Museum. Our role was to take an existing statue that acted as the former Mable Ringling Memorial Fountain, conserve it, and cast a new base and basin to recreate the famous fountain. The MCS has already completed the casting process and delivered the cast. This will greatly assist the Mable Ringling renovation project in Sarasota. The replica is composed of concrete which will increase the fountain's durability and lifespan.

Over the years, the original fountain sustained water damages and stress fractures from being partially buried and abandoned after World War II. So, we patched holes, added missing fingers, toes and locks of hair that had been broken or water damaged over time. From there, we created a rubber mold and plastic mother mold to be cast in concrete.

As pictured below, the damaged original base is on the left and the finished product is on the right. The finished product intends to resemble the fountain's original state when it was first installed in 1936.The cast is currently in Sarasota, Florida to be installed as the new Mable Ringling Memorial Fountain.

Compare the damaged original fountain base (left) with the new base (right). The new fountain's base reminds viewers of the original fountain's former glory.