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Employee Remote Work Essentials

A benefit of today's technology is the capability of working wherever you are. Depending on your position and manager approval, FSU employees have the ability to work remotely when the time calls. Here you will find all the tips and tricks, helpful tools and FAQs you need to know to make working away from the office a possibility.

To successfully work remotely, you’ll need a computer, a reliable internet connection and your FSU login credentials. We also recommend bookmarking your essential websites to make accessing your go-to files easier. Make sure to take the time to test everything out before you plan to be away and make sure you are set up for success.

Remote Work Basics

How to use VPN and Remote Desktop

Need to access your desktop or files on the shared drive when you are traveling or at home? The Facilities VPN (Virtual Private Network) service is designed to allow staff, courtesy appointments, and university-sponsored external vendors to securely "tunnel" into campus over public networks (not managed by FSU), and access services as if they were on campus.

  • Please follow the steps listed below:
    1. Submit a service request to facilities IT to request access
    2. Make a note of your computer name. This is located on your computer case and will look like "MMA114C". You will need this information during the remote desktop process (RDP)
    3. Click on the following link for instructions: FSU Facilities VPN and Remote Desktop Connection
    4. If you are using a Chromebook, use this link: Instructions for Chromebook

    How to access your email online

    Click the following link: FSU Web Mail then select the button labelled "@FSU", Students and Employees. Ensure you include your FULL email address (ex. jdoe@fsu.edu) and select "Next". You will then be asked to enter your myFSU/OMNI password and possibly authenticate with Duo.

    Need to setup or join an online conference call?

    Zoom is an industry-leading web conferencing platform available free of charge. The tool is ideal for hosting group calls, remote meetings and web conferences for up to 300 people. A special Zoom for HIPAA license even offers extra protections to meet HIPAA compliance. Remember, your device will need a camera and microphone to take full advantage of Zoom's features.

    Click here for instructions on how to use Zoom.

    How to setup call forwarding on your office phone

    Click here for instructions.

    Need to configure email on your mobile device?

    Click here for instructions.

    Other useful remote work resources

    FSU Information Technology Services (ITS) offers a number of other useful resources and documentation for users. Click here to see more.