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Minor Renovations Funding Process

The Campus Development and Space Committee makes an annual recommendation to the President concerning the distribution of Public Education Capital Outlay (PECO) minor renovations funds. Prior to the development of that recommendation, a notice is sent to all deans, directors and department heads requesting that projects be submitted for consideration. The amount allocated to FSU generally falls short of the University's need. Projects are evaluated based upon the following criteria:

  1. Projects that address safety, security or the protection of University personnel and/or property will be given the highest priority.
  2. Projects essential to an existing academic or administrative program will be given a lower priority.
  3. Other types of projects will be given the lowest priority.

Only renovation projects for state funded (E&G) facilities can be accepted. Previously requested projects that have not been funded may be resubmitted if the need still exists. Requests for leasing space are not eligible for funding from this source.

Included with the notice is a Renovations Funding Request form, which is revised according to the funding availability and restrictions for a specific year.

The completed request forms are sent through the appropriate dean/director, who, in turn, sends those approved for further consideration to his or her division's vice president. The vice presidents prioritize the requests and forward the information to the Vice President for Finance & Administration to prepare the list for review and action by the Campus Development and Space Committee.

The Campus Development and Space Committee considers the requests and transmits its recommendations to the President. Approval of funding by the President and release of the funds by the Board of Regents then occurs. At that time, projects can be released for design and construction.