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The Service Center


Requests for emergency service may be made by any faculty or staff member of the University by calling the Facilities Service Center at 850-644-2424 . Examples of emergencies include the following:

  • Live electrical wire exposed
  • Electrical power outages
  • Broken or gushing water line
  • Steam line break with steam escaping
  • Building security problems (i.e. doors will not lock, etc.)


Service requests to perform routine or special services should be coordinated within the administrative unit of your organization and with the designated FLO (Facilities Liaison Officer). This will help prevent the duplication of service requests.

Service can be requested via the below methods:

  • Contact the Facilities Customer Service Center by phone at 850-644-2424
  • Completing the online Service Request form located here

Please be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Omni Department ID Number (6 Digit Number).
  • Requester's name and telephone number.
  • Building name, room number or specific location inside or outside where the service is needed.
  • Description of service needed (please be specific when describing the problem).
  • Job number or department budget number will be requested when services are to be paid by the department.

Upon receipt of this information, the Service Center attendant will provide you with a Service Request Number. This number may be used to track the progress of the service request by visiting this page. If additional information is needed, a departmental representative may contact you directly.