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Recruitment Training

  • Criminal History Background Check Process
    • Course Number: COCHBO (Online Only)
      • Participants of this class will receive training on applicable state/federal laws, regulations, University policy and procedures required forms, and job duties that may require a background check to properly and efficiently administer the background check process for their departments. This course is highly recommended for Department Representatives and Hiring Managers.
        *Counts toward the HR Department Representative Certificate
  • EDM: International Hires & I-9s
    • Course Number: COINTO (Online ONLY)
      • Overviews Federal and University requirements for hiring foreign nationals. Topics include FSU Appointment Requirements, VISA types with appropriate work authorization, permanent residents, courtesy appointments, and proper completion of Form I-9.
  • EDM: Processes & Employee Appointments
    • Course Number: COUSCO (Online ONLY)
      • This class is designed to give HR department representatives a better understanding of US citizens' appointment processes related to employee electronic and paper personnel action forms. Useful appointment tracking tools will be demonstrated to assist you with your daily tasks.
  • How to Register for OMNI Training
  • Records - What to Keep and What to Throw Away
    • Course Number: COSST1
      • Provides an overview of laws and regulations regarding the identification, maintenance, access, and retention of public records (including electronic records management) to ensure FSU's records management program is in compliance with Florida's Public Records Law. This course is highly recommended for individuals who are responsible for managing and maintaining records, including, but not limited to: Records Management Liaison Officers, HR Department Representatives, Financial Department Representatives, Administrative Staff, Office Managers, and IT Professionals.
        *Counts towards the HR Department Rep Certificate.
  • Staff Search Committee Training
    • Course Number: COSST1
      • Provides those selected to serve on Staff Search Committees with guidance on recruitment, interviewing, and compliance issues, as well as a toolkit of easy-access links to proper forms, documents, and other resources to ensure excellence and consistency throughout the screening and hiring process.
  • Stepping Through the Onboarding Portal
    • Course Number: BTSMT0 (Online)
    • Course Number: BTSMT1 (Instructor-led)
      • Trains HR department representatives on how to process and track candidates through the FSU Onboarding portal. The course provides a detailed overview of the process for candidates and the required department steps.
        *Counts towards the HR Department Rep Certificate.