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Grounds Maintenance

The Grounds Maintenance division of FSU's Grounds department manages over 574 acres of land.

Tasks that we perform include mowing, edging, leaf and debris removal,mulching, weeding, planting, pruning,and special landscape projects.

We have an irrigation crew that installs and maintains campus irrigation systems.We have a tree crew that performs tree removal and limb pruning to ensure safety and good tree health.

Parking Maintenance (General Trades Tech)

  • Vincent Johnson–Garage/Parking Lot Technician
  • Jonathan Davis-Garage/Parking Lot Technician
  • Reshard Millis-Garage/Parking Lot Technician
  • James Munn-Garage/Parking Lot Technician

Surplus (Campus Services)

  • Julie Jones-Property Service Manager
  • David Jones-Surplus Property Associates
  • Anthony Browning-Surplus Warehouse Manager
  • Bruce Williams-Surplus Property Associate
  • Robert Dickey-Sr. Surplus Property Associate
  • Anthony Bush-Campus Service Assistant