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FSU Vehicle Management Program

The Vehicle Management Plan is to map processes concerning management of University vehicles. It is not the intent to create a centralized fleet program.

Each area Vice President is responsible for compliance with the Vehicle Management Plan within their area of responsibility.

FSU Policy 4-OP-E-8 - FSU Vehicle Management Program (FVMP)

  • listMaintenance and safety inspections of FSU owned vehicles

    University owned vehicles must be maintained in a timely manner and records of vehicle maintenance and repairs must be tracked and kept in FSU Facilities Integrated Workplace Management System, AiM.

  • listTransfers/Surplus of FSU Vehicles

    University vehicles may be transferred from one department to another within the University System. Transfer vehicles must be in sound mechanical condition and have maintenance records no greater than six months old. Any transfer or surplus of a University vehicle must comply with established property management and inventory control procedures. Policies relating to the location or Department Code change of property can be found at http://policies.vpfa.fsu.edu/policies-and-procedures/financial/property

  • listDriver’s License verification of employees driving FSU owned vehicles

    Each department will have a documented process in place that ensures all employees that drive FSU owned vehicles have a valid driver’s license In compliance with the University policy on License requirements for operating University-owned vehicles - http://policies.vpfa.fsu.edu/policies-and-procedures/faculty-staff/employee-and-labor-relations#License

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