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Building Excellence: Marvin Simmons


FSU’s Utilities Plant works to provide crucial utility services to support the entire University Community. As Operations Superintendent at the Utilities Plant for the last four years, Marvin Simmons has been essential in ensuring that amenities such as chilled water, steam, and electrical are provided to the entire campus.

Marvin Simmons
Marvin Simmons

Simmons originally started working at FSU in 1996, and since then, he has moved throughout different roles at FSU, including serving as a Building Services and Maintenance team member, Utilities Plant Operator, and a Zone Maintenance Supervisor, leading him to not only be deeply familiar with FSU’s campus but also the campus’ needs. Simmons is also a certified auto-mechanic, holds an asbestos contractor license, a boiler certification, and a water treatment certification.

Ensuring all five plants are operating as safely and efficiently as possible requires 24/7 operation. In his role, Simmons works to monitor the entire campus’ HVAC systems, animal rooms, sub stations, plant production, and manages an excellent team of 17 employees. He also assists in maintenance repairs and replacements, all while working to plan current and future projects.

The family atmosphere of FSU Facilities is Simmons' favorite part about working at FSU. He identifies that his passion for his role stems from being able to contribute to an excellent experience for our students, parents, faculty, and staff by making sure to exhibit great customer service and comfortable settings in the buildings, offices, and classrooms. Most of all, he appreciates being able to minister to everyone that he encounters.

Outside of work, Simmons enjoys attending church, fishing, family gatherings/cook outs, and traveling. Simmons emphasizes that his family is one of the most important things in the world to him, and the reason why he works so hard.