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Building Excellence: Dea Arenth


Preventative maintenance is essential for keeping FSU’s campus safe and functioning and could not be accomplished without the work of those such as Dea Arenth, who currently works in Facilities’ Preventative Maintenance Shop under Mike Ochat. This coming October is Arenth’s one-year celebration of being in the role.

Dea Arenth
Dea Arenth

In her current role, Arenth is responsible for completing various work assignments throughout different buildings on campus and maintaining the machines there. This includes working exhaust fans, HVAC units, chill water pumps, hot water pumps, and condensate pumps to keep them in proper operating order.

While Arenth may be newer to the Preventative Maintenance department, she is no stranger to FSU. She originally started working here in 2015 with Facilities Grounds & Landscaping before transferring to Athletics to serve as the Field Turf Specialist for softball. Before FSU, she worked for six years with Dell computers at Stream Global Services as a Trainer for new hire employees, worked for two years as a police department dispatcher at Tifton Georgia police department, and she managed a law firm for two years in Branford, Florida, all while raising four children.

Arenth’s favorite part about working at FSU is the people, who she thinks are amazing. She offers a special shoutout to her stellar Preventative Maintenance coworkers who show up with a smile on their face and a readiness to work.

“Dea is a great team player that goes the extra mile to get the job done in a safe and timely manner,” said Mike Ochat, the Preventative Maintenance Supervisor for FSU Facilities.

Outside of work, Arenth likes to play cards, kayak, and spend time with her black lab, Poppy. She also enjoys spending time with friends and family, including her children and grandchildren.