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Office Paper Recycling

Office paper is collected throughout the campus, in central locations in departments and buildings, and in residence halls. The recycling team visits buildings weekly to collect the office paper. Office paper from Florida State is processed and baled in our facility, before sending to a local recycler. Ultimately the paper will be reused to form new paper products, such as print paper, newsprint or paper towels.

Office paper recycling has improved from 38 tons in 2000-2001 to 229 tons in 2012-2013. Since 2001, over $76,000 in landfill fees have been avoided due to our paper recycling efforts. Over 2200 tons of office paper has been recycled during this time.

Have a large volume of paper recycling? Request a temporary bin through our Office Clean Out Guide page.

Public Records

All University departments must have an approved Records Disposition Request on file prior to destroying any public records. This is in accordance with the rules set out in Chapter 1B-24, Florida Administrative Code. To ensure the proper disposal of public records and understanding on public records retention rules, contact Melanie Welch, Coordinator of Administrative Services at mwelch@admin.fsu.edu.