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Confidential Document Recycling

Some of the office paper on campus contains sensitive information and must be shredded before it can be recycled. In the past, much of this paper was shredded by firms that specialized in processing sensitive documents. However we now have the capability of properly handling this material which saves the university the expense of hiring out this recycling. Documents are secured until they are loaded onto a conveyer belt and fed through our large paper shredder. This is more efficient than trying to hand feed thousands of sheets of paper into the shredder and improves on the safety of the procedure. After the paper is shredded, it is baled and sent to paper recyclers in the region.

Confidential documents pickup can be submitted through an online Work Order request, or by calling the Facilities Service Center at 644-2424. We will then pick up the material to-be-shredded, weigh it at your location, and provide a receipt for the service. Solid Waste and Recycling can deliver zipper bags to your department for confidential documents that need to be shredded, or taped boxes labeled "Confidential Shredding" can be picked up. As of July 1, 2013, confidential shredding will cost $0.10 per pound.

Records Retention

All University departments must have an approved Records Disposition Request on file prior to destroying any public records. This is in accordance with the rules set out in Chapter 1B-24, Florida Administrative Code.

To ensure the proper disposal of public records and understanding on public records retention rules, contact Melanie Welch, Coordinator of Administrative Services at mwelch@admin.fsu.edu or visit this website: http://vpfa.fsu.edu/Quicklinks/Records-Management-Program/Records-Disposal.