The bronze sculpture by Fritz White depicts a spear-brandishing Seminole astride a rearing horse, designed to capture the indomitable spirit of the Seminole people and those who have adopted that spirit as a symbol for their university.

“Unconquered” rises above the Williams Family Plaza at the north end of Langford Green outside the south entrance to Doak S. Campbell Stadium. The massive structure, including its granite-covered pedestal-base, stand approximately 31 feet from ground level to the tip of the spear, about the height of a three-story building. At sunset the night before each home game, the spear will be ignited and burn until sunrise on the morning after the game.



One of artist Fritz’s largest sculptures, Unconquered, is a twice-life sculpture of a rearing horse and rider. While casual observers probably will identify the image with FSU’s living symbols, Renegade and Osceola, the statue embraces and represents a much broader concept, according to Stephen Reilly, the Tallahassee attorney and FSU graduate who has spearheaded the decade-long project from conception to fruition.



“Bill Durham’s creation of Renegade and Osceola, which adds such an impact to our home football games, was obviously the inspiration behind this statue,” Reilly said. “However, the ‘Unconquered’ statue more broadly celebrates the human spirit that will not be defeated. This statue does not depict any particular person or event. Rather, it symbolically portrays the unconquered spirit of the Seminole people of the nineteenth century and the timeless legacy of that spirit that continues to burn bright into the future.”



Statue Map:


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