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Do you know of an area on campus that needs sprucing up? FSU Facilities can help! From January 4th to February 12th, 2021, students, faculty, staff, and alumni are encouraged to submit campus beautification ideas for the Seminole First Impressions contest. Winning Seminole First Impressions entries will receive a grant of up to $40,000 to be spent with FSU Facilities on proposed improvements. Submissions should address a public area on campus (private areas or offices will not be considered). Winning entries will demonstrate how they impact student, faculty, staff, or visitor first impressions at FSU.

Submitting your ideas is easy. No cost estimates are required to be submitted with project ideas and all areas are eligible to win, including auxiliaries like Residence Halls, Athletics, etc.

How to Enter

To enter your idea, choose the most convenient submission method for you:

  • Take two to five pictures of the area and submit a brief written statement (a couple sentences is fine) about how fixing up this area will enhance campus life at FSU; or
  • Send a quick (less than two minute) video taken on your smart phone to show Facilities the area in need of attention and explain how fixing up this area will enhance campus life at FSU; or
  • Submit a written statement about how fixing up this area will improve campus life at FSU

Submit Your Ideas

  • Posting your entry on Instagram and tag the FSU Facilities Instagram account @fsu.facilities
  • Tweeting your entry to @FSUFacilities on Twitter
  • Sending your written entry, photos, or video to FAC-firstimpressions@fsu.edu

Important Dates and Deadlines

Contest opens January 4th, 2021

Entries accepted until February 12th, 2021

Winners will be announced beginning on March 29, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

  • listCan departments add money to the $40,000 maximum award to enter a larger project?

    No. Departments are not permitted to add additional funding in order to ensure that all projects have an equal chance of being selected and completed.

  • listCan two people submit two projects right next to each other to have an $80,000 project?

    Yes. However, Facilities cannot guarantee that both projects would receive funding. All entries should be feasible as standalone projects.

  • listAre all areas eligible? What about auxiliaries like Residence Halls, Athletics, etc.?

    Yes. Any area or space is eligible if it is part of Main Campus.

  • listWhat if I don’t know what $40,000 can buy or whether my idea will be within the $40,000 limit? How do I estimate the cost of what would be required?

    Entries do not need to include a cost estimate. Facilities will handle cost estimates for contest finalists. Please submit any and all ideas you have for consideration and we’ll handle the rest.

  • listWhat if I have multiple ideas? Can I submit more than one area of campus?

    Yes! Multiple entries of different spaces are welcome. Please note, multiple entries of the same space will not increase chances of being selected.

  • listHow many winners will be selected?

    How many winners are selected depends on the nature of projects submitted. Depending on submissions, there be more smaller projects or fewer larger projects. Projects of all scales are welcome!

  • listWhat if my project was not chosen as a winner?

    The Facilities Department will notify everyone who submits an idea whether or not their idea was selected as a winner. If your submission was not selected, you will receive information as to why.

  • listWhat if I know an area of campus that needs work, but I don’t know exactly what improvements should be made to the space?

    That’s okay! Please submit the areas that need work and Facilities will get creative about ways to improve the space.

  • listWhat if I have a specific request like new paint, new carpet, elevator or restroom improvements, etc.?

    Specific requests and ideas are okay too! Facilities looks forward to receiving any and all ideas.

Project Ideas

Project submissions can include things like:

  • Fresh paint
  • Deep cleaning
  • New carpet
  • Updated signage/graphics
  • New landscaping
  • Lighting upgrades

See past projects below for some ideas that fall within the $40,000 Seminole First Impressions budget:

  • listBellamy recognition wall
  • listAlumni Center recognition wall
  • listStrozier Library second floor print station
  • listStrozier Library second floor elevator lobby
  • listCollege of Social Work’s donor wall
  • listMDC Conference Room upgrades
  • listRovetta digital signage
  • listDuxbury building plaza plants
  • listSeminole Organic Garden beds not including the gazebo or solar panels
  • listJim Moran Building downtown reception area
  • listUCC Testing and Assessment reception area
  • listOffice of Distance Learning reception area