Archives and Vault

This area of Planning and Space Management is responsible for:

  • The administration and maintenance of archival material relevant to Facilities.
  • The distribution of official Campus Maps.
  • The dispersal of information related to Facilities and FSU property including but not limited to key plans (floor plans), as-built documents, aerial photographs, deeds, leases and agreements.
  • The digitization of archival material and regulation of related electronic material.

The following is available for download through our web service.

  • Key Plans (Floor Plans)
  • As-Built Documents
  • Major Project Documents
  • Minor Project Documents
  • AutoCAD Drawings

Please click here to submit a request for access to the Virtual Vault. Once you have been granted access, proceed to Virtual Vault 2.0

Once you have submitted your access request, please allow 3 business days to receive a response. If you have not received a response after 3 business days, please contact Dewey Robbins at (850) 644-3472.

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